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Billions in Unclaimed Property and Unclaimed Funds are being held by State and Federal Agencies.
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How Will You Know? – You’ll Never Know Unless You Search!

Every day, different circumstances causes people to lose some form of financial property, sometimes by a change of address, sometimes death, or just plain forgetfulness. This IRS Unclaimed Money is turned over to the government agencies.

About “Pay to Search Services”?

You can find government agencies and some of the private databases that gives the service absolutely free. However, not all missing money is listed in government databases, you may want to consider the “pay to search” services. These services search through all government and private agencies that may have access to missing money you won’t otherwise find.

Do you have IRS Unclaimed Money?

Often people receive letters from professionals offering to recover unclaimed property for a pricey fee. Many times it’s the first time the legal owner has heard about the property. Fees are usually about 30% or more. Turn this lost money into found money with our help.

About Lost Life Insurance

An often overlooked form of lost money is forgotten life insurance policies. A high percentage of life insurance policies gets lost and are turned over to state unclaimed money departments. Why? The survivors never knew the policy existed.

What if I get contacted by a Heir Finder.

What if someone contacts you claiming they found some unclaimed funds belonging to you? Saying the IRS unclaimed funds consists of unclaimed money that belongs to you, located in an old bank account. Is this a scam?

Probably Not. You have been contacted by a “middle man”. He’s probably a finder company that specializes in searching out unclaimed assets to reunite with the owner. There is nothing wrong with that. The catch is the finder company will want their cut – of about 30% or more of your unclaimed money.

What is Unclaimed Property?

Bank accounts, insurance payments, dividends, stocks, utility deposits or other intangible property usually become unclaimed assets because of a change of address. A company or government wasn’t notified and was unable to locate the owner of the unclaimed property. As required by law, the unclaimed money was turned over to the state and added to the state databases. But its still your money and the states wants to find you.

How Much IRS Unclaimed Money Is Out There?

Various estimates place the total amount of unclaimed funds owned by Americans anywhere from “billions” to a trillion dollars. The State of Florida alone reports more than a billion dollars in unclaimed money that it holds for owners. New York holds about $6 BILLION in unclaimed money!

How Can This Be?

Why is there so much property sitting in the states’ unclaimed funds accounts? People simply don’t know about it! Our mission is to save you hours of surfing the web to find your missing funds.


How To Prevent having IRS Unclaimed Money:

  • Keep a record of all bank and savings accounts. Indicate your
    interest in and awareness of all accounts by contacting the holder at
    least every five years.
  • Record all stock certificates and be sure to cash all dividends received.
  • Record all utility deposits, including telephone deposits.
  • Respond in writing to any requests for confirmation of account balances with banks, stockbrokers and utility companies.
  • Prepare a checklist of all accounts to be notified when you change
    your address. Share this list with a family member or trusted advisor.
  • Notify your bank, broker, credit card issuers, employer, 401K
    administrator, life and health insurance contacts, mortgage lenders,
    doctors, attorney, accountant, retirement fund, investment accounts,
    mutual funds, safe deposit box account, and others of any name change or
    change of address.
  • Notify your business contacts of your change of address when you move.
  • Cash all checks promptly upon receipt.


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. So, it’s quite likely that some of this money belongs
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You can find millions of dollars
in unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from many states that
could belong to you.


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