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local mobile monopolyThe beast is about to go local! Yes, Local Mobile Monopoly is about to launch on the 21st of March 2011. If you’re on this page then the chances are that you’re somewhat interested in Local Mobile Monopoly and you’re looking for a review.

Obviously, I can’t tell you all the details as the product hasn’t even launched yet, but if you want to know more about Local Mobile Monopoly, please carry on reading.

First let met talk about the founder Adam. Adam Horwitz is another whiz kid who started making some serious money online at the age of 16. He started a website about local parties in LA. He did ok and then stumbled upon mobile marketing. Adam almost instantly found success and started making $1000+ a day.

Back in 2010, Adam launched his first course called Mobile Monopoly. He revealed all of his secrets and exactly how anyone can make a fortune with mobile marketing. Local Mobile Monopoly is going to go over everything in Mobile Monopoly, plus a lot more.

This time, Adam has partnered up with a guy called Tim Donavan who is also the second founder of Local Mobile Monopoly. Both guys have been working on the new product for months. Last year Mobile Monopoly broke Clickbank records after it exploded into the marketplace.

This year, Adam and Tim plan on breaking even more records and having the biggest product launch of 2011. Local Mobile Monopoly is just different. It’s unlike everything else out there. It doesn’t go over the same money making strategies.

It has nothing to do with Worpress, PPC, SEO or any of the usual stuff most Gurus try and sell. You see, most product launches are just the same bits of information just packaged differently. Local Mobile Monopoly is about mobile marketing, a very lucrative and untapped gold mine. I honestly think that this will be the biggest launch of 2011 and you would be a fool not jump in on it!

To learn more about “local mobile monopoly“, feel free to go ahead and visit the official review site. I you’re ready to get started and dive into the course, go ahead and “CLICK HERE FOR THE SALES PAGE“.

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